Trading in Cyber Nations

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Trading in Cyber Nations

Post by MConorDever on Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:49 pm

As a young Nation that has only begun with her steps on the Path to greatness, you'll soon learn the importance of TRADES. Think of trades as the Air your Nation needs to breath ... to survive.

When you start you Nation you begin with four (4) empty trade slots. You take a look around, peek at the Nations in your range and see that a great majority of them has a few slots full, with the smart ones having all four slots full and working towards their prosperity. Why, you ask your self. BECAUSE trades influence everything, from the soldiers, tanks, aeroplanes to the price you have to pay for your Technology or Infrastructure purchases.

The importance of trades and having you trade slots full is underlined by the fact that EVERYONE will tell you that the first improvement you buy, should be a HARBOUR. A harbour enables you the fifth (5) trade slot, with a total of up to twelve (12) different resources. Two (2) that your Nation starts with and another ten (10) you get from your trade partners.

After buying that all important harbour you'll want to know which resources to get. Before we move to that just a few words on the resources (you can take a look at them and their effects Here). If you take a look at your Nations display and scroll down you'll be able to see two kinds of resources: CONNECTED resources and BONUS resources. You will be able to get the latter ones buy creating different combinations of the connected resources. The bonus resources you should be looking at, at this point are those the discount the purchase of Infrastructure.

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