Alliances/Culture of Cyber Nations

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Alliances/Culture of Cyber Nations

Post by MConorDever on Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:46 pm

Cybernations(CN) is a rather popular browser game which puts you in control of your own nation as ruler. In war and peace you can command nation tasks such as tax rates, resource trading, spy operations, and general warfare. Roll your tanks or send out financial aid in your spare time. Stockpile nukes or trade gold and gems with other nation rulers.

In addition to the basic gameplay of CN most players will join alliances for their own protection and utilize the game forums or IRC(internet relay chat) for further depth and enjoyment of CN. N.O’s IRC channel is #NO on the coldfront network.

We at N.O are here to help you in all aspects of the game, including ones outside of the actual game mechanics. One of the biggest and hardest things to understand is the politics of CN. Some people will use stereotypical clichés, like “Might makes right,” “Friends > Infra,” or “LOLpink.” The intricacies of CN, however, take much longer to encompass and this guide will only scratch the surface of what is needed to be a truly effective force in CN politics.

Cybernations politics all comes down to personal relationships in this day and age. For most alliances, it’s about who the friends are, mainly who the government’s friends are. This is because these are the people who you would be willing to have your nation destroyed for, similarly to how nations of N.O are willing to give up their nations for their brothers and sisters.

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