N.O Membership Requirment

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N.O Membership Requirment

Post by MConorDever on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:46 am

All potential N.O Applicants must meet the following criteria prior to posting any form of an Application:

#1 Your N.O Forums Username must be EXACTLY the same as your Ruler Name from Cyber Nations!
#2 Your Alliance Affiliation must be set to "N.O Applicant".
#3 You must be on the Orange Team/Sphere.
#4 You may be involved in a Defensive War (Up to 3)!
#5 You may NOT be involved in ANY Offensive Wars!

These Requirements must be adhered too, should you post an Application and if you not meet the above Criteria, your Application will be Automatically DENIED by the N.O Council.

(Please Note the following:

1a. If you are involved in a Defensive War, you may apply to join N.O. If you state that you are indeed at War Defensively, The N.O MoD (Minister of Defence) will conduct an Investigation as to why you are in a Defensive War.
1b. If it is found that you have caused the Defensive War, you will be DENIED.
1c. If it is found that you have been raided or attacked for no reason, you may be ADMITTED (It is up to the MoD or N.O Council to either Admit or Deny).
1d. N.O Council may step in and override any Admission Administrator's Final Decision on Admittance or Denial.

2a. If you are in an Offensive War, a war that you have started by declaring war on another nation, you will be automatically DENIED.
2b. You are always welcome to apply to N.O again after an Offensive War has expired or peace has been declared. It is at the N.O Coucil's discretion to either accept or deny applications.

3. A temporary exception to #3 may be allowed if the Applicant is unable to change color Team/Spheres due to participating in a Senate Election. If this is the case, please post that information in your Application!)

Your Application must be posted in New Member Sign-In

Application Topic Title: "Ruler Name of Nation Name Applies to join N.O"

Note: Below you will find the Application. You may copy it then paste it within your Application Thread! Make sure to fully complete it and tell the truth!

Ruler Name:
Nation Name:
Nation Link:
Nation Strength:
Your Time Zone:
How Active Are You?:
Will You Partake In The N.O Forums?:
Do You Want To Preform Bootcamp?:
New or Current CN Player?:

Include this in your Application:

I understand that I will be receiving a welcome/orientation PM within 48 hours or less after admittance, after which I will be required to read it. It is for my own understanding of this alliance and to better my enjoyment of the game, that I read this PM.

By applying to N.O I agree to adhere to the N.O Charter & Rules of War. I realize that should I breach either, N.O reserves the right to terminate my membership with immediate effect or ZI me.

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